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GET ON DOWN PRESENTS: For The People Pt. 1 (2015)

For The People Pt 1 James Brown Get On DownDo it sound good? Do it feel good? Well if it sound good and it feel good then it’s musical, ain’t it? And if it look good too, then, it’s a collector’s 45 box set of some of the most famous singles ever dropped on the minister of the new super heavy funk’s very own People’s Records imprint ain’t it? In a deluxe limited edition embossed box set no less. Yes, it’s deluxe reissue label Get On Down with For The People Pt 1 – featuring massive, classics from the big man himself (Escape-ism pts 1 and 2) plus numbers from Maceo & The Macks (Cross The Tracks/ Soul Of A Black Man), Fred Wesley & The JBs (Same Beat pts 1, 2 and 3), Lyn Collins (Think (obviously)/ Ain’t No Sunshine) and The Devils’ X-Sorcist and Hip-hug Her. Yours for quite a princely sum, admittedly – but you can’t put a price on the funk.
(Out now on Get On Down)

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