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GEORGE BARNETT: Get Lucky (Smoove remix) (2013)

Right, so let me get this straight: 19 year old musician George Barnett has done a highly competent (but not wildly different) cover of Daft Punk’s planet-sized feelgood hit of the summer, Get Lucky. Which he just happens to have sung, played all the instruments on and performed. And generated nearly 115 thousand plays on soundcloud and over 2 million on Youtube in the last twenty days or so. In steps ‘Berry Geordie’ (a.k.a. dj/ producer Smoove of Smoove & Turrell fame) to ‘officially’ retouch Barnett’s cover, tweaking the beat for club leverage and garnering over 2000 soundcloud plays in two days. By this time next week I’m expecting Daft Punk to have covered Smoove’s remix of Barnett’s cover of their own song and caused the very notion of original music to have collapsed in on itself. Not that you’ll care about being crushed in the resulting singularity since you’ll probably be dancing to this (or Barnett’s version, or Daft Punk’s) version as you go. Will there be time to release this as a single or free download before all that? Who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky.

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