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GENERAL TRIX: Dallyland (Prod. MR BENN)(2017)

GENERAL TRIX:  Dallyland (Prod. MR BENN)(2017)[RATING: 5] Here’s a little dancehall sunshine for you in the shape of Dallyland from General Trix and Mr Benn to brighten up the shite-awful weather. In fact, Mr Benn’s cooked up a right 90s-style bubbler for General Trix to do his thing over but where the hell is Dallyland when it’s at home? Could it be the sort of place Jamaican mums accuse their kids of being at when they’ve got their heads in the clouds and aren’t getting much done? Something like that, yeah. Thank God General Trix is based in Amsterdam then where there’s no danger of any distractions for a dancehall artist. Still, he’s got this done and that’s a comfort.
(Out now on Soundalize It! Records)

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