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GENERAL NARCO: Digital Bombs (2013)

Que es General Narco? No-one knows, allegedly, though I suspect Slim Goodgroove has a fairly good idea since Digital Bombs is out on Goodgroove Records. Also, while he might sound like he’s quite high up in the Sinaloa Cartel and trafficking industrial amounts of brown and green, Narco is actually quite high in the bass scene’s estimation and trafficking industrial amounts of breaks and ghetto funk. Oh and a fair bit of dnb too. This EP is fairly representative therefore with a ‘funk’ (for which read ‘ghetto funk’) and dnb mix apiece for Hit & Miss and Skylarking plus extra dnb track Eek Boy and skankin breaks noise Ranking Nation. This latter draws for top drop on this release along with the ‘funk’ mix of Odetta’s Hit & Miss. That’ll be a hit then…
(Out now on Goodgroove)

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