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GARDNA feat. PARLY B (prod. DR MEAKER): Big Bad Sound (2013) + video

The latest release on Dirty Dubsters‘ Irish Moss label is the big bad sound of southwestern bass-city, Bristol, UK, teaming up with…er – Doncaster. While Bristol has a globally recognised association with bass music, Doncaster has brought the world a bit of horse-racing and Jeremy fucking Clarkson. Not that Bristol MC Gardna is holding that against Donny MC Parly B – clearly, since he invited him to provide the hook (which makes this track) on the Dr Meaker-produced Big Bad Sound for some bottom-heavy action. On a remix tip, Hylu & Jago go all bleepy, Max Rubadub goes a bit synth-y, and Dirty Dubsters come over all house-y. No, really. Mo Matic‘s on the remix money though with his slow and heavy skank – in fact, I might like this best of all. ‘Ear me now! Vid below players…
(Out now on Irish Moss Records)

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