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GARAGE FLOWERS: Diggers Anthem (Shout It Out) (2015)

Diggers Anthem Garage FlowersIf you’ve ever wondered what material a certain Manchester band might have come up with in the mid-(or should I say ‘mod’) to-psychedelic half of the sixties – now’s your chance to find out. Step forward the Garage Flowers who deliver what they refer to as music, “to get girls wigglin and boys a diddlin.” Diggers Anthem (Shout It Out) is a – er – shouty, beat-heavy, mod stomp while Frog On My Knee (as the title might suggest) is more your floaty, paisley-tinted, psych groove. Expect more in this vein when the forthcoming 24 Hour Garage Flowers LP is let loose…
(Out now on Choonz Inc.)

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