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GANGRENE feat. ACTION BRONSON: Driving Gloves (2015) Video

Driving gloves Gangrene Action BronsonI’ll be the first to admit that I may not treat a hire car quite as carefully as I treat my own. I might hammer it on the acceleration and brakes, I might not give quite so much of a shit how much sand I get in it and yes, in younger days, have been tempted to pull the odd ‘donut’ on gravel. But that’s not even foreplay compared to what Gangrene (a.k.a Alchemist and Oh No) and Action Bronson get up to in the vid. to Driving Gloves. They ram full dustbins, smash the windows with golf clubs, slash the seats with box cutters, bomb the bodywork with spraycans, total the wing mirrors with baseball bats, stuff a stripper in the boot (that’ll be ‘trunk’ for those who don’t speak English) and christ alone knows what Action Bronson riding shotgun does to the shocks and suspension. All soundtracked by a break forged from a jazzy drum fill and bass and psych keys and guitars. The gloves are definitely off…

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