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FUNKSHONE: Soul Survivor – 2010 – Single review

[rating: 5]

Funkshone (ably assisted by singer Chris Wilson’s authentic 24 carat vocals) here deliver an impression of soulful seventies funk so convincing that it could easily be mistaken for a long slept-on 45 from Atlantic Records’ basement. It’s not of course and despite the fact that my personal preference tends to an earlier period of soul/ funk, repeated listens convince that to withhold the full five stars would be an action meaner than the conduct of Ebeneezer Scrooge during a particularly nasty economic downturn. Plus there’s a horns-led instrumental cut on the flip for remixers, mash-up creators and – well – people who just like instrumentals. In short: dirty wah wah, heavy breaks and a chorus larger than Terry Tibbs in a Maserati showroom. ‘Ave it!

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