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FUNKSHONE: It Ain’t Never Gonna Work/ Aberlady Fry (2011)

Funkshone follow up their mighty Soul Survivor with a new seven inch before their second album drops. Less raw than earlier releases, vocal cut Ain’t Never Gonna Work featuring Jaelee Small channels the seventies via the nineties. What? Yeah – it’s that twenty year retro cycle thing isn’t it because guess what was hot in 1991 apart from grunge? That’s right retro seventies funk. So…er – that means this sounds like music from twenty years ago, that was trying to sound like music from twenty years before that – ladies and gentlemen I give you…neo-retro-funk. Yep, Mike Bandoni and the boys tap into the same vein (and with equal facility) that Freestyle and Record Kicks and Smoove & Turrell have all been heavily hitting recently with no small success. If you weren’t there in ’91, why not join in this time around. What you need apart (from the music) is to get yourself a pair of corduroy flares, and grow a goatee. If you later decide you’re not into it, keep the goatee because this autumn is twenty years since Nirvana hit it big and grungers all liked a bit of a chinstrap too. As for the cords they can always go in one of those fucking clothing collection bags that seem to daily make their way through my letterbox.
(Out 4 July on Skyline)

It Aint Never Gonna Work Preview by Funkshone

Aberlady Fry Preview Clip by Funkshone

Yes! It’s time to welcome back the funkiest funk band around. Funkshone are back, this time with two stunning new funk bombs to unleash on the world ahead of their 2nd album, also due for release on Skyline recordings later this year.

First up we have the A-side entitled “It Ain’t Never Gonna Work”. This features the outstanding vocal courtesy of new Funkshone leading lady, Miss Jaelee Small. This is a flying up-tempo vocal banger and, as always, we have their trademark killer drums and groove-driven bass together with one hell of a tight horn section! This is sure to be shaking dance-floors across the land.

On the flip is a wonderful instrumental that will stand up in the classic rare-groove world as a MONSTER CUT! The bass line is a killer that oozes sexiness. Add to that the incredibly tight Funkshone Horns together with solos too and we have an absolute gem! This is a blinder of a tune that sees musicianship and production values in all the right measures meeting head on to deliver a product that few today are able to deliver. We at Skyline are sure you’ll agree that it’s great to see and hear Funkshone back in action!
VERY limited edition X 400 ONLY

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