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FUNKOSOL: Fresh Beats Vol. 1 (2013)

The funky-breaks/ ghetto funky axis continues to grow and grow as Tru:Funk regular Chudy launches his own label Funkosol. Funkosol? Sounds a bit like ‘aerosol’! Appropriately enough, this debut release is called Fresh Beats Vol. 1 – and those two things together, my friends, are more than enough for me to imagine Chudy racing around clubs in his producer-apron with a breakbeat duster, spraying a can of ‘Funkosol’ TM into those tired musical corners. The ingredients on said can reveal the presence of DJs Axe, Kid Stretch and Agent 86 plus Warson, Robinson Grooves, Stex, Bialson Hajsy, Essex Groove, Ellboss, Funk You Very Much, Tosses & Varvez, Rory Hoy and Junskee. The multi-layered musical fragrance reveals notes of disco biscuits, hip-hop booties, rock-guitar tinged breaks, wobbly ghetto funk, more examples of the alarming new trend in re-booting nineties chart soul and a free Martha & The Vandellas rework. Not to be sniffed at!
Out now on Funkosol Records

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