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FUNKANOMICS: Odysseus (SHAKA A.V. Edit) (2014) Free download

Odysseus Shaka FunkanomicsSome time ago, Glaswegian comedian Limmy did a skit on ‘rapper’ Pitbull‘s inexplicable popularity, “One minute there’s nae Pitbull, the next there’s this guy aboot forty jumpin up and down on the stage in a suit like he’s just come straight out fae work…” Well, it doesn’t help that people like Funkanomics go and use a Pitbull ‘pella, even if it is on a disco beat. Or that Shaka Loves You do an AV edit which features footage of Pitbull. Or that said track and AV edit then appear on MB. It’s almost like Pitbull has a secret divine publicity sponsor – you know – a bit like Odysseus had the goddess Hera. True, Odysseus also had a divine antagonist in the shape of Poseidon but surely the least effective thing to torture Pitbull with is a long voyage around the Med meeting fit birds…Shaka vid below, free DL of the track below that…

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