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FUNK EFEMDZEMOV: Smoking Funk (2013)

Smoking funk? Presumably we are not meant to infer that Balkan beatsman Funk Efemdzemov has been adding a little of the greatest musical genre known to man to his post-gig nicotine fix or left it charred and smoldering somewhere. Rather it seems we are to assume that he has delivered some a six pack of dancefloor fireworks. And in truth – this is a solid not-so-little package of what, before the days of ghetto funk was termed ‘funky breaks.’ This means it’s all about vintage funk, soul and old school hip-hop (P.E. and The Temptations for example) integrated with electronic effects and beats in the manner of say Morlack or early Badboe. Which is to say not bad at all…
(Out now on Tru: Funk)

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