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THE FUMES: Python For A Pillow

[rating: 5]

This is high-octane blues-tinged garage rock that you might imagine belting out of the sort of remote desert roadhouse where cage-fighting is acceptable Friday night entertainment. There’s also a nice juxtaposition of danger and comfort in the title to this latest single by The Fumes, whether or not you take a literal meaning or head off down some dark Freudian path. Apparently the name (and song) were inspired by a dream the singer’s missus had about their baby laying it’s head down on the very fattest kind of boa constrictor. Not the place I’d leave my baby but then The Fumes are Australian and therefore well-hard, so the singer’s baby’s probably well-hard too. I expect he or she uses a stubby for a dummy and strangles pythons with one hand as a warm-up before an encore involving shoving a bull shark down a crocodile’s throat.
Out 20 March

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