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FREDA PAYNE: Band Of Gold (Mr Bristow) Remix (2011) – Free download

Got soul but need more wobble in your life? It’s your lucky week then – for it would seem that the Dancefloor Outlaws aren’t the only ones plundering seventies cheese for a ghetto funk makeover. No, DJ/Producer Mr Bristow is at it as well with this rather well done re-version of the 1970 Freda Payne classic and you can cop it for free off the player below. Did you know that the original was a UK number one and that Motown house band The Funk Brothers were on instrumental duties? If you didn’t, you do now and will probably already be on the DL. If you did, you’re either a broad-minded sort who observes ‘naked Wednesday’, swings on a regular basis and will find this cheeky but inspired or a fanatical purist who keeps their northern soul 45s alphabetically, screams, “Don’t touch my stuff!” if anyone enters their two metre ‘vinyl exclusion zone’ and will shudder at Mr B’s heresy.

Band of Gold – Mr Bristow Remix by MrBristow

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