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FRED DAVIS:  Wine HopLater this year, Colemine Records is to release an album of long-lost material entitled Cleveland Blues by relatively obscure Cleveland musician Fred Davis. Before that however comes digital single Wine Hop – and thereby hangs a tale. The track is every bit as raw as you’d expect the blues to be and percussively funky as hell. It had also (along with the rest of the LP material) been languishing on a quarter inch tape reel in a plain white cardboard box in Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed’s dad’s place for over fifty years since he first made the recordings in 1969. Reed recalls being told by his father that Davis, “could play like T-Bone Walker and sang in a high, keen voice like J.B. Lenoir…[teaching]…my dad the rudiments of blues guitar,” including – as Reed’s father Howard Husock also recalls – “using big, rich chords…in an unorthodox way — his thumb wrapped under and up the neck…[which]…I later taught…to my son, who uses it professionally.” Read the full background to the track HERE.
(Out now on Colemine Records)

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