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FOUL MOUTH JERK: ‘The Oldest Trick In The Book’ LP + ‘Back Up On The Scene’ (feat Artifacts) free download + video

What do you mean you ain’t heard of Foul Mouth Jerk? Never mind – the North Carolina rapper’s fifth (yeah he’s been around a while – “Straight crazy, born-loser like a AIDS baby…Spitting since the late 80s”) album dropped recently and the fact is – you should have been all over that shit already. Clearly a man who understands that hip-hop does not mean rapping over Euro-house beats, Jerk keeps his beats fat and his rhymes gully. Just check out the dirty funk-soul-based ruffness of cuts like Save Ya Breath. Damn, if I’d got the heads-up earlier this might have been in the monkeyboxing top ten albums of 2010. As if that isn’t enough, he’s only roped in New Jersey underground legends Artifacts and topped that hook-up by putting it up for free download. You can cop that below but make sure you click the correct download button (scroll down the screen until you see the player so you can have a listen first and the blue download button) – I got offered mad gambling opportunities and the chance to chat with sexy ‘Cindy’ (‘Online now!’) as a consequence of some naïve clicking on the first thing that flashed ‘download’ at me.
Foul Mouth Jerk feat. Artifacts – Back Up On The Scene – FREE DOWNLOAD

(PRESS RELEASE) Foul Mouth Jerk is back with album number five, “The Oldest Trick In The Book.” The New Jersey native and underground stalwart returns offering up the first leak from “The Oldest Trick In The Book,” which features the long-awaited reunion of legendary duo The Artifacts on “Back Up On The Scene”; a hard-hitting lyrical exercise that is likely to surpass the popularity of FMJ’s 2008 single “Small Town USA” which went to #2 on the college radio charts.

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