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FORT KNOX FIVE & K LAB feat. BABY BAM: Jinglin’ Janglin’

FORT KNOX FIVE & K LAB feat. BABY BAM:  Jinglin' Janglin' It’s a clear-cut case of DC to BC by way of NYC as Fort Knox Five team up with K Lab and Jungle Brothers’ Baby Bam for new one Jinglin’ Janglin’. What’s the story there then boys? Go on glitch me with it – I’m all ears. Well – it turns out this meeting of musical minds is not just a geographical hook-up; there’s a temporal element too as seventies funky clavinet is paired with twenty-first century glitch breaks and Bam on the hooks. Got any words of wisdom Bam – what you up to these days? “Jinglin’ janglin'” yeah? “Funk wid it'”? Well, I’d expect no less – anything else? “Just listen to the track”? Alright tiger – I was only asking. Best do like the man says innit.
(Out 21 September on Fort Knox Recordings)

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