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FOREIGN BEGGARS: ‘Seven Figure Swagger’ release details + United Colours Of Beggatron promo pics

FB’s make the right choice for their next single picking the ‘other’ banger off new LP United Colours Of Beggatron. I challenge anyone to listen to Seven Figure Swagger and not walk around for the rest of the day chanting the chorus in the faces of anyone who will listen and especially those who won’t. Seven Figure Swagger b/w Don’t Dhoow It is released via Dented Records / Essential Music on November 23rd – review to follow. In the meantime, check the press release below for more details and the following pics to see the (frankly worrying) results when you let the Beggars loose on Photoshop with Bennetton’s back catalogue of adverts as source material.

(PRESS RELEASE) Behold the second installation from Beggattron! Foreign Beggars are back with more disgusting sub-bass, thumping electronic beats and entertaining raps enlisting further heat from the continent. 10 Kilo beats and half of Milk Money Mafia electro outfit Rednaz from Groningen kills it on the lead track “Seven Figure Swagger” featuring Lava Unit head honcho and member of Terror Danjah’s Aftershock Label Badness alongside the Richest man in Babylon/ Watford Dubbledge. The track explores the more satirical boundaries of rap clichés with a super addictive hook and even tighter verses. As if that wasn’t enough for your eardrums, it is accompanied with an equally balls out dubstep ripper courtesy of none other than UK tearout kings Bar9. Tried and tested, this shit bangs like a daytrip to a combat zone!

Don’t Dhoow It is a more lo-fi cruising joint though still on the fun flex. Sean Peng and Metropolis tell of interesting experiences in the manner of a public service announcement of how not to behave at the best of times. Produced by Norwegian beat monster King Knut, the track remains in the vein of pure sub-bass, screwed vocals, scratchy synths and sludgy electronic beats whilst still able to include some wonky synthetic loveliness so many producers are weakly trying to emulate.

This track comes with one of our favourite pieces of Beggars music in a minute. Superproduction from none other than New York’s Machinedrum. Honestly, this is hip hop like you’ve never heard, pushing the boundaries of rap, electronica, beats and production, on some 4×4, disco pastiche/modern day dance production with real analogue warmth and super progressive vocal treatments. A pleasure to sit back and lounge to or pump in a club, Machinedrum’s remix is on some otherworldy musical evolution – a sneak preview into what’s to come from FBs in 2010.
Foreign Beggars – Myspace

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