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FLOYD JAMES & THE GTs: A Weight Hanging Over Me / History Repeats (Vinyl 7″)

Although recent releases have explored the sound of ska, early reggae and Latin grooves, the Original Gravity Records label now turns its attentions back to the sound of the Civil Rights Movement in the form of two soul sides from Floyd James & The GTs.   The title of B-side, History Repeats, captures the vibe depicted in a black and white sleeve that suggests MLK/ Malcom X-era protest with a placard that evokes last year’s worldwide movement in response to the murder of George Floyd.  And so it is that A-side A Weight Hanging Over Me is an emotional slow-burning Gospel-soul style exploration of recent events with the hook echoing Floyd’s final words, “I can’t breathe.’ The flip meanwhile is a driving uptempo groove that manages to combine urgency with a sense of hope. All the profits from this 45 will go to UK charity Integrate which was set up for the purposes of promoting equality and breaking down social barriers between communities through educational and collaborative projects.
(Pre-order now for late June/ early July delivery on Original Gravity Records)

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