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FLIPOUT: Flippin’ Bob (2016)

flippin-bob-flipout[RATING: 5]…on which Vancouverite DJ/producer Flipout flops out two spanking sides of dancefloor hip-hop wax. This record finds our man taking a Double Dee & Steinski ‘lesson’ type approach to Bob James’ much sampled Nautilus stitching together myriad portions of said track which have been sampled – along with the accompanying hip-hop vocals. He must have spent months on this – whosampled are currently listing Nautilus as having been an element in no fewer than 278 songs! As if that wasn’t giving himself enough work – he’s gone and made two accompanying videos as well – see below – which chop up visuals to match the vocals. No wonder DJ Cosmo Baker has been waxing lyrical about it!
(Out now on Ghetto Musiq)

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