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FLEVANS feat. LAURA VANE: Realisation

FLEVANS feat. LAURA VANE: RealisationContinuing his highly successful partnership with Laura Vane, Flevans returns with new single Realisation – and waits for you to comprehend that he’s taken 80s boogie in funky direction – indeed arguably to a point where it crosses over with what used to be called ‘nu-funk’. Thus, on this, you can expect much heavier syncopation on much more organic-sounding drums than the 80s would ever have delivered but coupled with the sort of strings, synths and vocal melodies (the latter courtesy of Vane) once the province of people like Evelyn King. Comes in original and radio edits – the latter of which is a couple of ‘shits’ lighter if you knowhadimean! A club sureshot for them as rock the boogie-funk, then.
(Out 21 February on Jalapeno Records)

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