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FEATURECAST: Goodgroove Artist Series no. 11

If you like danceable breakbeats mashed with old funk or hip-hop vocals and club sensibility it’s a bit of a golden era right now as labels like Wack, Sunsetsoul, Manmade and of course, Goodgroove, along with random individuals like Aldo Vanucci and DJ Shepdog all push each other on a monthly basis. Hot on the heels of the latest drops from Da Wiesel and Vanucci comes this Featurecast effort which hands a chopped-up version of soul standard Too Hard To Handle a break that tugs at the leash, provides us with a frankly nasty 80s vibe on Get It On The Floor, a colossal mambo-breaks hybrid floor-filler in Rock Ya Body and even finds a place for recent Red Hot Pipe And Slippers track Hump-De-Bump on Bump. Ok so Goodgroove drops often seem to have the most house-like sensibilities of all the above named labels and those old enough might have trouble differentiating between this and 90s ‘big beat’ but it’s still a funky breakbeat and until proper hip-hop remembers where the dancefloor is, nothing is going to light a fire under clubbers’ asses than stuff like this.
(PRESS RELEASE) The 20th release for Goodgroove brings a 4 tracker from the mighty Featurecast himself. The label has supported Featurecast all the way from the first release and now a household name he is hotter then ever. Askillz, Ali B and almost anyone who got hold of the promos has been rinsin the hell out of all these tracks. Funky breaks at their best.
(Out on Goodgroove 15 December 2009 – vinyl only release)

“Every track is a winner on this release, been rinsing “Whoah!” every gig. Featurecast always delivers!” A SKILLZ
“Big tunes!” DJ YODA

Featurecast: Goodgroove Artist Series no. 11 – Tracklist
A1. Whoah!
A2. Rock Ya Body
B1. Bump
B2. Get On The Floor

Listen to Featurecast: Goodgroove Artist Series 11

Featurecast – Myspace

Goodgroove – Myspace

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