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FEATURECAST: Ghetto Funk presents Featurecast EP (2011)

Nowadays I normally wouldn’t bother bigging up a Ghetto Funk label release as it’s difficult to blow your trumpet louder than they blow their own. For starters, there’s the whole name thing. ‘Ghetto funk’ was their idea and it wasn’t the first applied to the artists working in the genre but now it’s the most widely used. Then there’s the fact that in the space of a year, they’ve acquired most of the major players in the genre as part of their ‘crew.’ There’s also the fact that their blog is called – so guess what happens when you google the words ‘ghetto funk’? That’s right, you get the blog repping most of the main ghetto funk heavy hitters, bigging up their own work. Perfect SEO (that’s search engine optimisation to you) – over 4000 Facebook likes in seven months is going some. They don’t need any extra publicity. Then again, it’s always nice to have an independent opinion…

…So here it is – this Featurecast EP more or less amounts to four super heavy ghetto funk remixes re-imagining (in order) tracks by Jurassic 5, Eminem, Ugly Duckling and the Beastie Boys. But isn’t that just four super heavy ghetto funk remixes of J5, Eminem, UD and the Beasties? To answer that question it might be worth considering that a generation ago people were saying that NWA’s Express Yourself and ATCQ’s Can I Kick It? were just Charles Wright’s Express Yourself and Lou Reed’s A Walk On The Wild Side with ‘talking’ over the top. Old school hip-hop mined and re-imagined the previous generation’s funk, soul and jazz. Ghetto Funk is mining all of that and hip hop too. Some of it’s good and some of it’s shit. Discuss. This is dope by the way and the Beasties track is going to slay clubland…

Ghetto Funk presents Featurecast (GFP04) by ghettofunk

(Out late June on Ghetto Funk)
Featurecast’s previous EP went straight in at the Number 1 slot in sales charts across the globe last year, this second instalment is set to rock the world again and stamp this rising star at the forefront of the Ghetto Funk sound.

2 responses

  1. So ‘coz they blow their trumpet loud, you don’t big them up?!
    So you search ghetto funk, and find their page first – And it features pretty much all the heavy hitters of the genre.. Is that NOT GOOD?!
    I can’t tell if ur dissin’ or reppin’ this …

  2. It’s got five stars, ends with “This is dope by the way and the Beasties track is going to slay clubland…” and 26 people have ‘liked’ it. Yeah you’re right. The viewpoint is really equivocal isn’t it?

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