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FEATURECAST: Around The Block EP (2012) + ‘Going, Going Gone’ free download

Featurecast’s latest is the Around The Block EP. Around the block? Oh what – like some sort of breaks ‘bike’? Spreading his beats as widely as he can? Offering it up any way he likes whether you want it or not? Do you want some? Well do you? Don’t make the mistake of thinking Featurecast is some sort of ghetto funk slag though – he doesn’t give it out for free – at least not this time. You’ll have to fumble furtively in your wallet for this four-tracker which is out soon on digital and a short while later on vinyl. Like many ghetto funkers with a taste for rap vocals our man is clearly aware that the pool of unrinsed rapapellas from classic hip-hop has dwindled to little more than a tiny puddle of lyrical piss and thus enlisted the talents of MC Alaska to provide fresh heat for the wobble-hop of the title track. C. Reid does similar duties on the next two numbers (download Going, Going, Gone HERE) and neo-soul man Greg Blackman goes a bit soul-jazz on piano-tinkly closer Get Lovely – a track almost guaranteed to induce carpet burn. Naturally the cover features some sort of hulking ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’/ Nosferatu hybrid…
(Out 12 March on Jalapeno)

Featurecast – Around the Block EP by Featurecast

Going Going Gone (feat. C. Reid) by Featurecast

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  1. Video filmed and edited by @markantony0121 also search for the behind the scenes video on youtube, thanks 🙂

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