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FAB SAMPERI: Power Bossa Remixed (2014)

Power Bossa Remixed Fab SamperiThe way it normally goes when an artist’s LP is remixed is that first the artist’s actual LP comes out and then at some point after a respectable time period has elapsed (but typically within a year and usually during the relatively fallow winter period) the remix LP comes out. And typically the remix LP is not quite as good as the original LP. Clearly not one to be encumbered by tradition, Fab Samperi (or perhaps more accurately the Agogo label) put out Power Bossa Remixed no fewer than three years since the release of Power Bossa and up against a strong field of early spring releases no less. It’s also at least as good as the original.

Original LP standout Listen Up featuring Jonnathan Molina – essentially a soul n bass cover of Marvin’s Can I Get A Witness gets no fewer than three remixes, all evidence that you can’t keep a great track down. Stickybuds adds extra percussion, JFB also amps the beat and underpins it with hoover bassline while DJ Love slows things down to 130 bpm and adds mod guitars to create an epic psychedelic soul anthem. Amongst the other rerubs on offer, Stand Up and In The River also get multiple treatments with Mo Horizons soul n bossa and Skeewiff’s latin breaks re-shuffle of the former and CMC & Silenta’s blues breaker and Ursula 1000’s gospel blues re-versions of the latter all coming up smelling of greenbacks. Add in Fab Samperi’s superb swing breaks remix of The Soul Session’s Soul Desire (wasn’t on the original LP – look on it as a bonus) and everybody’s happy. Maybe more labels should wait a while before putting out remix LPs…
(Out now on Agogo Records)

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