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ESPADRILLE: Bandana Breaks b/w Funk Off (Vinyl 7″)

ESPADRILLE: Bandana Breaks b/w Funk Off (Vinyl 7Espadrille plant their rope-soled feet firmly back onto the Hammond funk scene with new 45 Bandana Breaks b/w Funk Off. The duo travel under the names ‘T. Montana’ (‘say hello to my little fren’!’) and the vaguely New Mastersounds-y ‘H. Shand’ and have apparently been making music for decades. As they’re studio bound though, they’ve had no need to elbow their way through the hordes of like-minded musicians but handed everything over to the Spinout Nuggets label to do the donkey work. Bandana Breaks should particularly appeal to fans of early Big Boss Man material while the slower more bongo-led, psych-out of Funk Off has a more Bongolian feel – watch out for the doubling of the tempo on the outro, yeah baby, yeah!
(Out now on Spinout Nuggets)

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