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EPHEMERALS: Call It What You Want (2014)

Call It What You Want Ephemerals[RATING: 5] “Here’s the new Ephemerals single – Call It What You Want.”
“Ok. How about ‘Bob’?”
“You said ‘call it what you want’ so…”
“No! not ‘call it what you want’! Call It What You Want!
“I just did! You said….”
“No! Arrrgghhh!”
Ahhhh. Hours of fun. It’s like the Two Ronnies fork handles/ four candles sketch except with something different. Like the standout tracks from top notch retro-soul LP Nothin Is Easy (horns n hammond instro The Oligarch is the flip to the Daptone-esque horns-driven soul of the A-side) from Ephemerals who list among their number drummer DJ Jimi Needles and songwriter/ guitarist Hillman Mondegreen. Gratifying indeed to see a decent label has picked this lot up to do the forty-five thang…
(Out now on Mocambo)

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