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EL MICHELS AFFAIR: Unathi b/w Zaharila (vinyl 7″)

EL MICHELS AFFAIR:  Unathi b/w Zaharila (vinyl 7[RATING: 5] El Michels Affair certainly haven’t fallen asleep basking in the glory of last year’s excellent Return To The 37th Chamber and here’s two magnificent reasons why on either side of a fresh new 45 entitled Unathi and Zaharila. Hmm – sounds a bit Bollywood. Damn straight! At least Bollywood funky that is – as they draw on the vocal talents of Piya Malik from label mates 79.5. Apparently the lyrics of Unathi urge people to come together to achieve great things and certainly, you can imagine lots of people coming together to make sure this sells out sharpish. Expect non-English vocals then and tripped-out Eastern psych-funk sounds filtered through a spaghetti-western prism with leftfield interludes. Oh – nearly forgot there’s the flip too of course, Zaharila – initially an altogether slower affair that features a psych-out ending which increases in tempo and intensity until the final crescendo and last breathless pan pipe note.
(Out 15 June on Big Crown)

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