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EL MICHELS AFFAIR: Iron Man video (2017)

The Wu-Tang sample old soul; El Michels Affair instrumentalise the Wu-Tang’s samples into new old-sounding soul. Confused? Doesn’t matter, EMA have had the biggest successes of their career with it and a second album-load of such material – Return To The 37th Chamber – is on its way in just over a month. To tide you over – here’s the video to their three and a half minute take on Ghostface Killah’s one and a half minute Iron’s Theme which originally sampled Gap Mangione’s Free Again. Er – so isn’t this just a cover of Free Again? Nope. Well – not exactly – they’ve cut out all the bits that sound like incidental music from a dreary family drama and upped the drum crunch quotient. While you think about that, you can ponder the Shogun Assassin-type samurai revenge animation courtesy of Chicano artist El Oms.

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