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EL MICHELS AFFAIR: 12345678910

EL MICHELS AFFAIR: 12345678910It might have been over a year since El Michels Affair last made a musical appearance but they’re back now with 12345678910.  Admittedly, that is a title more than a little reminiscent of Bubbles De Vere’s telephone number although the track itself sees the band continue to pursue the atmospheric eastern-themed psychedelia that characterised last single Unathi / Zaharila. Where that single was informed by the sounds of the Indian sub-continent though, this cut takes its cues from much further east. That’ll be Japan then as haunting chords and lurching drums usher in vocalist Mari Tanaka reading a poem in Japanese before entering into a Shinto chant as the rest of the track plays out and cherry blossom falls silently around the listener. Or something.
(Out now on Big Crown Records)

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