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EDDIE & ERNIE: Bullets Don’t Have Eyes – 2009 – 45 review

[rating: 5]

The woozy guitar lick and horn section on Bullets Don’t Have Eyes got a rinsing last summer on ‘Bristol Bass’ DJ/Producer Parker’s bomb Western Soul. The source of the cut – 60s duo Eddie & Ernie’s Bullets Don’t Have Eyes gets a re-press here and packs some original heavy soul brother vocal heat about how love isn’t the only thing that’s blind over crisp syncopation in an anthemic end-of-the-night stylee. Daptone seem to be offering two alternative b-sides – either In These Very Tender Moments or You Make My Life A Sunny Day both much slower with the emphasis on the soul rather than the funk and – it has to be said – considerably less likely to spun for the crowd.
Released 26 January on Daptone/ Ever Soul.

Listen to Eddie & Ernie – Bullets Don’t have Eyes

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