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DUSTY TONEZ: My Way Or The Highway EP (2013)

Two slabs of punchy synth-powered big beat-style breaks for you here on Dusty Tonez‘ debut release on RamSkank‘s label RamSkank Records – plus a remix apiece from Rory Hoy and RamSkank himself. The title track will be of particular interest to those with a guilty secret love of Yank nu-metal adorned as it is with part of a well-known Red Hot Pipe And Slippers riff and the hook from woeful nu-metallers Limp Bizkit’s My Way – the latter of which, amazingly, does it little harm. Catch The Beat appropriates a soupcon of M.O.P. and is, if anything, more of a synth monster than its predecessor. Hoy does Catch The Beat his way with a rolling break and more arcade game sounds than a British seaside beachfront while RamSkank goes all old school big beat transforming the title track into musical accompaniment for a journey down the chemical highway. Got any pills mate?
(Out Feb. 18th on RamSkank Records)

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