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DUSTY TONEZ: Life’s A Groove (2014)

Life's A Groove Dusty TonezI don’t know about you but my life’s a grind at the moment, things ain’t so for one of the Irish bass n breaks massive’s prime movers though. No – life’s a bloody groove for Dusty Tonez, it seems. Enter perhaps his most accomplished work to date – the Life’s A Groove EP, consisting of four pumping bass grooves in ghetto g-funk flavour (Fear – which airs a 2Pac and Outlawz ‘pella), ghetto reggae flavour (That’s The Joint making heavy use of Peter Tosh & Black Eyed Peas), and grinding ghetto hop – Get ‘Em High‘s appropriation of the Beasties and Kanye. And then ghetto nineties rave with a Fear remix. Chemicals and glowsticks a go-go.
(Out now on Bulabeats)

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