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DUSTY DONUTS 8: Breakin My Heart (JIM SHARP edit)/ Check Minnie’s Love (NAUGHTY NMX & RUNEX BREXIT mix) (2016)

Jim Sharp Naughty NMX Dusty Donuts 8Forget all that guff about donuts being unhealthy – you just know the arrival of fresh Dusty Donuts is good news for your ears – especially when what you’re getting is a double helping of A Tribe Called Quest booties. Breakin My Heart is one for the ladies where Jim Sharp finds a way (see what I did there?) to unite Tip and Phife with a Technova/ Bebel Gilberto cut that Dilla looped up for Find A Way while Naughty NMX and Runex Brexit do the same with the Minnie Riperton loop that ATCQ used for Check The Rhime. Mmm-mmm.
(Out 11 September on Dusty Donuts)

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