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DUSTY DONUTS 11: Risin’ To The Top (JIM SHARP edit)/ Mary Jane (JIM SHARP’s Buddha edit) (2017)

DUSTY DONUTS 11:  Risin' To The Top (JIM SHARP edit)/ Mary Jane (JIM SHARP's Buddha edit)Like cream, the Dusty Donuts label rises to the top again with a richly smooth re-drummed edit of Keni Burke’s slick slab of eighties silk – er –
Risin’ To The Top as Jim Sharp cynically targets anything female with a pulse. Then he goes in for the kill with another re-drummed re-version – the bass-heavy ‘Buddha edit’ of that classic seventies musical personification of marijuana as a sexy lady, Mary Jane, by punk-funk super-freak, Rick James. That’ll be Dusty Donuts 11, then. Ladies say ‘Ow!’
(Out mid/end May on Dusty Donuts)

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