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DUBMATIX: Rocksteady Freddie

A man well-versed in dub reggae and all its precursors, Dubmatix here heads back to the late sixties and the early seventies on the same track. On the same track? How come? Well, as its title would suggest, the track employs a rocksteady riddim. However, the toasting over the top was unusual for the two year heyday of rocksteady between 1966 (when it took over from ska) and 1968 – when it was supplanted by early reggae. Adding in the toasting as well recalls what happened in parallel to the development of early reggae as vocalists like U-Roy began making a name adding their voices over top of old rocksteady instrumentals. Here endeth the lesson in dancehall history because you’re already getting right down to the track itself aren’t you? Warrants a 45 really but will probably remain a solely digital release.
(Out now on Renegade Studios)

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