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DUBBLEDGE: One Inch Punch LP news + ‘Juice’ feat. Kyza and ‘’09 Til Infinity’ free downloads

I’m not sure about this. On the one hand hip-hop has always been about sampling stuff and re-presenting it. On the other hand Juice lifts Eric B’s beat for Know The Ledge pretty much wholesale and substitutes Kyza for Rakim which (no disrespect to Kyza) could be regarded as being as fruitless as it is pointless. And then he does pretty much the same with Soul’s Of Mischief’s ’93 Til Infinity. Mind you, Sway did something similar with The 900 Number earlier in the year. But then again, he did actually speed the beat up and add some crappy aerosol horn effects. Although hang on a sec…gahhh!…I dunno – the kids must just be tired of shitty beats that are made to sound good on mobile phone speakers. Classy artwork mind.
Juice feat. Kyza – DOWNLOAD
09 Til Infinity – DOWNLOAD
Here’s the sales guff:
(PRESS RELEASE) Dubbledge is back with a new project entitled ‘One Inch Punch’. It seems like a million years ago since Dubbledge’s 2007 debut album ‘The Richest Man In Babylon’ on the well-respected Lowlife Records, but trust us its been the worth the wait. This pre-album mixtape sees Dubbledge pay homage to the golden era of rap as he takes us back to the early nineties with beats jacked from Method Man, Black Moon, Dr Dre and Snoop, Group Home, Raekwon, Jeru Da Damaja and many more.
This release shows us why Dubbledge is an artist that everyone is talking about. Lyrically he is unique as he attacks subject matters with string opinions and views, whilst always adding his own unique humor. Here we get a collection of tracks that every real Hip-Hop fan happy! Releases like this make you proud to be British!
Check out these two FREE tracks and then get your money out and buy a copy of ‘One Inch Punch’. This is one of the best and most important homegrown releases of 2009. Please don’t sleep on Dubbledge and get ready for the new album coming sooner than you think!

Dubbledge – Myspace

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