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DUBBEN meets MADE IN BRASIL: Grilos Cantam Para Anamaria b/w One Two-Two (feat. MARíA DEL ROSARIO)(Vinyl 7″)

Just out, here’s the latest 45 from Matasuna Records, the second to feature German production duo Dubben and also their second to feature South American-influenced music. The two tracks are Dubben’s reinterpretations of a brace of cuts by the late Victor Meshkovsky and his band Made In Brasil. The backstory reveals that the pair first got in touch with Meshkovsky seventeen years ago and he really dug the idea of them reworking his material. FX, additional instrumentation and a heavier bottom end give some heft and chunk to Grilos Cantam Para Anamaria make it simultaneously funkier and more modern sounding. Meanwhile, One Two Two (once a prog/psych affair) gets a cumbia makeover and both English and Spanish vocals from María Del Rosario! The 45 also comes with detialed liner notes by Dubben themselves with the full narrative explaining the gestation of the release.
(Out now on Matasuna Records)

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