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DUBBEN: Jesus Boogie b/w Cachaça (Vinyl 7″)

DUBBEN:  Jesus Boogie b/w Cachaça (Vinyl 7[RATING: 5] How do Matasuna Records do it? The time between vinyl 7″ releases shrinks again yet they put out their best release so far – why it’s against all natural law! Not that anyone will be complaining about this brace of Latin bangers from serial editors and former Resense and GAMM suspects Dubben, you understand. A-side Jesus Boogie is a re-version of a seventies Brazilian number squarely aimed at the dancefloor and would have been enough on its own to garner accolades. And as we learn from The Big Lebowski – you don’t ‘fuck with the Jesus.’ Yet Dubben have indeed fucked ‘with the Jesus’ and trumped it with a B-side re-working of Cachaça, a Polish 60s bossa-influenced cut that Quincy Jones could have penned. They polish it a little here, chop it a little there, add a percussive boost and – yes – why not – a bit of Man With Harmonica from the Once Upon A Time In The West OST dropped in on the bridge. It shouldn’t work but it does. Peak time party banger ahoy!
(Out 22 February on Matasuna Records)

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