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DRUMAT!C/ ICEROCKS feat. T.R.A.C: Stay True (2011) – Blunted Astronaut Records

U.S. emcee T.R.A.C. comes correct over equally sweet alternate instrumentals from producers Drumatic and Icerocks. Not dissimilar to the funky chill of grooves produced by both The Funk League and Herma Puma in the last year or two this is hip-hop fully in the tradition of the likes of early Blackalicious and the first Wiseguys LP. In other words, there’s a big ol’ blunted feel going on. Correctly out on wax later in the month, this drop is the debut release from the Blunted Astronaut label. Did I just say ‘Blunted Astronaut’? That’s right I did – puts a whole new spin on the name ‘Buzz’ Aldrin doesn’t it? Thank you ladies and gentleman – I’m here all week.
(Out mid/late September on Blunted Astronaut)

Stay True feat. T.R.A.C. (BBQ Mix) by Blunted Astronaut Records

Stay True feat. T.R.A.C. (Nightime Mix) by Blunted Astronaut Records

Hip-Hop is “alive n kickin”! The music has inspired and uplifted generations of people since its beginnings and still does in this modern era. But with every art form that reaches its epiphany in commercialization, it starts to get exploited and watered down from what its main purpose was. Nowadays the majority of people feel like Hip-Hop’s magic is wearing off and slowly dying because of what it used to be in its “golden” days.

Blunted Astronaut is here to change this perception with its debut release. “Stay True” is about finding yourself and figuring things out. Its all about the integrity that you keep with you during your day to day unravelings. Being true to yourself may not always mean you’ll come out a winner in the end, but it does mean that you did it the way you intended and didn’t sell yourself short for the price of fools gold.. Good or bad, we all have to live with the decisions we make.

MC extraordinaire T.R.A.C. lends his time and his voice to kick it over a jazzy, smooth Drumat!c instrumentation along with IceRocks’ funky, ready for the BBQ remix…. The songs may differ in attitude but they convincingly get the point across.

Music to elevate…..”Stay True” and enjoy!

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