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DREADSQUAD: Chase Or Not b/w TONY CICORIA: Chase The Porra (Vinyl 7″)

Now then, who doesn’t like a good reggae/ hip-hop mash-up? And here are two of the blighters at once on the same wax 45, courtesy of Holy Shit Records. On side A, Polish outfit Dreadsquad reliably deliver the goods with Chase Or Not ensuring that one of the world’s most instantly recognisable acapellas finds refuge on a suitably grooving slab of reggae goodness. Meanwhile on side B – Chase The Porra – Albanian Tony Cicoria goes all gangster, splicing Italian rap vets Sangue Misto with a fat riddim to ensure any party will be in good cheer. Will these two rock a dancefloor? Does a pope shit in the woods? A release so hot and cheeky there isn’t even an embeddable player – though you can check it out HERE.
(Out now on Holy Shit)

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