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DR RUBBERFUNK: Drums Of Joy Vol. 1

DR RUBBERFUNK: Drums Of Joy Vol. 1Got drums? You will do after this if you know what’s good for you since Jalapeno Records DJ/producer stalwart, Dr Rubberfunk has just dropped his new live drum loops package Drums Of Joy Vol. 1. Turns out the release is the product of our man re-visiting and chopping out the best bits from a twenty year old drum sesh recorded just after the release of his debut single Harry The Guitar, directly onto 8-track, reel-to-reel tape. And who’s going to say ‘no’ to 26 royalty-free and splendidly funky drum breaks created in the immediate post big-beat era when raw funk was resurgent – an era that is very much reflected here in the sounds on offer here? As you’d expect, all loops are labelled with the bpm and most are over a minute long (even the shortest is forty seconds while the longest is just shy of one and a half minutes) so be sure to listen carefully to pick up on the variations and identify the perfect bars, phrases and fills for your own productions. Frankly it sounds like Rubbers had a whale of a time on that original session cracking out the breaks and tracking them through a guitar multi-fx unit while cohort ‘Slim’ Jim Oliver live-tweaked the overdrive, delay, flanging and phasing. Why not let the doctor dose you with drums this side of Christmas!

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