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DOUBLE DOSE: A New Hope – Free download

This sterling collabo between Brooklyn emcee Double Dose and producer Basmatibeats (a cohort of funky breakbeat commandos Mash & Munkee) should have gone up last week but sometimes the monkey’s web gimp is a bit slack. A brief spell in the house of pain (or maybe it was a brief spell of ‘having to listen to’ The House Of Pain) produced instant results from the gimp, however, and hearing A New Hope should convince you that late is better than never. You’ll find Double Dose dropping some chilli-hot rhymes (“History, epitome of victory/ Lyrically you couldn’t even diss my Mini-me/ And then a cat who really rap, God – you can have Lil Wayne, but please bring Biggie back.” while Basmatibeats has cooked up a beat laden with a 50s-cinematic-orchestral strings that goes large for the hook with a female soul vocal harmony. The overall effect is not unlike a Doom track but with less claustrophobic production. As Double Dose also says, “Inspiration has got be hope, if there’s one thing it’s gotta be, it’s gotta be dope.” Indeed! Cop it here:
DOWNLOAD Double Dose – A New Hope (prod. Basmatibeats)
Double Dose – Myspace
Basmatibeats – Myspace

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