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DOOLEY-O: Stick Yourself b/w Death Blow (Vinyl 7″)

DOOLEY-O: Stick Yourself b/w Death Blow[RATING: 5] Calling all emcees, unless you’re fighter or a damn good ducker, it’s time to stand aside for veteran mic master Dooley-O is back and on two monstrous beats from Bankrupt Europeans to boot. Side One is Stick Yourself – on which King Dooley invites all pretenders to, er, ‘stick themselves’ if they can’t compete with rhymes such as, “I was born with a spray can and a microphone/ With a can of chrome son, yo, I’ll crack your dome/ I’ll support anything black owned except/ buying a bag of dust from a cat named Jerome.” Was that a Snowfall reference at the end there? Nice one. He hasn’t finished schoolin’ you though. Nope, pretenders need to suck it up a second time on Death Blow“Take up your bubble wrap for that mumble wrap/ You need to put it back because your product is wack” – and I’m not sure that isn’t my preferred track. Bankrupt Euros keep it resolutely 90s in tempo (i.e. high 80s/ low 90s bpm) and raw as a muthafucka with hard-knockin drums and minimal instrumentation/ samples besides while DJ Grazzhoppa is all over the scratches.
(Pre-order now/ Shipping 23 February on Nobody Buys Records)

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