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DOOLEY O: Here We Go EP + video (2013)

[RATING: 5] Here’s another man who’s been absent for far too long – Dooley O. This man was…wait – what? Did you just say “Dooley who?” Damn, fool – what you know about hip-hop? Dooley was the first man to sample Skull Snaps’ New Day at the tail end of the eighties! He’s also responsible for beats and rhymes on two extremely funky classic LPs of sample-based hip-hop – I Gotcha (pretty much my album of the year in 2005) and his 1990 LP – Watch My Moves – which was tragically shelved until Stones Thow dug it up and released it in 2003. And if you think I’m exaggerating on the ‘funky’ – check the players below the vid. Anyway – after virtually bugger-all for nearly a decade, Dooley is back to drop some grimy-ass boom-bap fire (with just a touch of reggae flavour) in the company of cohorts Runway TY and Majesty on new single Here We Go – vid below. Look out for the Here We Go EP at the start of next month, there’ll be another after that and then a full LP, O.G. Status, in early autumn. “Life’s a bitch, so you should treat it like a ho/ Put in the work and watch your money grow/ Educated, first taught by – Dooley O!” Boom-fucking-bap!
(Out 1 July on Sleediz Records)

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