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DONNOYA DRAKE: Only You (Vinyl 7″)

DONNOYA DRAKE:  Only You[RATING: 5] Must be dope early reggae release week or something for here is news of the second such drop – this time from the Original Gravity label in the shape of Only You by Donnoya Drake. Yes, that would be a cover of the synth-pop track by Yazoo, now re-imagined as a sister reggae cut in a kind of Joya Landis stylee. If you read the previous MB post on Mango Wood, you’ll note I
said that “there’s no band on the planet who’ve nailed the boss reggae ‘sound of ’69’ more closely.” That doesn’t mean there’s no-one else who’s nailed it though. If you’ve been checking MB over the last couple of years, you could’ve hardly failed to miss coverage of Original Gravity Records releases and especially the early reggae ones. This is where the word ‘band’ becomes the operative one, for OG label owner and multi-instrumentalist Neil Anderson is responsible for almost all the instrumentation on all the label’s releases, only employing a vocalist when the need arises. Only You is another scorcher then (as The Tennors might have it) and B-side Shake Up The Dance by Woodfield Rd Allstars is another bassbin-troubling effort (instrumental this time) that’ll blow the whole joint up. Only 250 copies of this have been pressed so, once again, don’t be tardy!
(Pre-order now/ Shipping late August on Original Gravity Records)

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