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DJTZINAS: It’s About Really Hot (2013) Free download

[RATING: 5]Djtzinas provides a slab of timely reggae-hip-hop booty with It’s About Really Hot mashing up Clipse and some random rapped hook from Alex Tune’s gabba abortion Frequencies over a skankin riddim that positively radiates summer vibes. A fact which will be particularly poignant for UK residents who have just been graced with three days of continuous sunshine. Poignant because going by recent annual trends that was the British summer of 2013. Naturally it’s going to piss down tomorrow so unless you’re going to party and have a barbecue tonight (and if you do, the knowledge that it’s going to piss down tomorrow will still be lurking there like a fat fucking raincloud on the horizon) there will a new bittersweet resonance to Clipse’s boast about being all “top down, chrome spinning.” Wipers on, stuck in traffic more like. Smug prick.

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