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DJ SOLO: Who Is Wriggly Scott? EP – 2011

Who is Wriggly Scott? Apparently he’s the alter ego of DJ Solo. Who is DJ Solo? Tempting as it is to answer ‘he’s the alter ego of Wriggly Scott,’ it seems, according to the press release, that he’s big in Dubai on the hip-hop scene. What do you mean you didn’t know there was a hip-hop scene in Dubai? So many questions, so few answers. Basically, ex-pat, UK scratch-DJ Neil Andrew has found an unlikely niche in the middle east. He hasn’t fucked about either, having managed to share a stage with the likes of Jazzy Jeff, Nitin Sawhney, Cash Money and DJ Format, (among others) in his time there. On this release he manages to team up and get his head nod on with some big hitters from both the US and the UK (J-Live and Foreign Beggars’ Orifice Vulgatron) as well as emcees (Omar Offendum, Ragtop, Jibberish, Feras Ibrahim and the Narcycist) from around his adopted global region. A respectable debut.
Tangible Dream ft. Jibberish, Orifice Vulgatron & Feras Ibrahim by DJ Solo/Wriggly Scott
(PRESS RELEASE) ‘Who is Wriggly Scott?’ is a tightly produced collection of 8 Hip Hop tracks from DJ Solo, a British-born DJ and producer who has been an integral part of the Middle Eastern Hip Hop scene for the past 7 years. The release sees the producer pay homage to the lush sounds of classic Hip Hop, while collaborating with emerging MCs from around the world. In this debut release, DJ Solo has constructed an EP that is global in its approach, featuring guest spots by artists from Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Sri-Lanka, Palestine, USA and the UK bridging the gap in what has been called: “the first truly underground Hip Hop release from the Middle Eastern region”.

Energetically leading the record is ‘Parts Unknown’ featuring the mighty J-Live. Other collaborations include ‘Tangible Dream’ with Orifice Vulgatron from the Foreign Beggars, ‘Stay Focused’ with The Narcicyst, ‘Gotta Go’ featuring Omar Offendum and Ragtop, with up and coming U.A.E. based MC’s Jibberish and Feras Ibrahim.

Wriggly Scott is the conceptual moniker of DJ Solo, a versatile DJ and producer whose sound is heavily influenced by the Hip Hop and electronic funk he has been collecting for over 16 years. As a DJ he has shared the stage with Quantic, DJ Format, Florian Keller, Cash Money and Jazzy Jeff to name a few. He currently plays out weekly in Dubai, and hosts a weekly radio show called ‘Another Music’ on ‘Who is Wriggly Scott?’ has him paying respect to the boom bap sounds of times past in tracks such as ‘Those Who Love’ and ‘Tangible Dream’, while pushing the boundaries with more progressive tracks like ‘Parts Unknown’ and ‘Run Away’. On the track ‘Bus Station’, Sudanese MC Feras Ibrahim gives a social commentary on the U.A.E. over a Brazilian guitar lick-laden drum break whereas ‘Room To Breathe’ featuring Palestinian MC Ragtop has a much more somber mood.

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