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DJ ROAST BEATZ: Summer 2013 ‘Meat Sorbet’ Mix (2013) Free download

Fear not if you haven’t been getting your just desserts musically this summer – DJ Roast Beatz has rustled up a big one. A dessert that is. A veritable ‘meat sorbet’ you might say. Well, he has anyway. Our man’s Summer Mix 2013 is a smorgasbord of hip-hop, glitch-hop, ghetto funk and reggae: Biz Markie, DJ Maars & Tom Showtime, KRS-1, Macklemore, A Skillz and Nu-Mark, plus a banging Mako & The Hawk closer. Lazy djs could pretty much just wack this on the system and air dj for half an hour, if it weren’t for all the Roast Beatz shout outs. Mind you, said djs could simply pull a baseball hat down low, wack on a pair of shades and claim to be none other than Roast Beatz. Cop it below…

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