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DJ ROAST BEATZ: Roc Star Promo Mix Summer (2014)

Rocstar promo mix DJ Roast BeatzIt’s all about the Roc Star lifestyle these days for DJ Roast Beatz. Oh what? Luxury tourbuses and cocaine riders? Snorting ants and driving cars into swimming pools? Shooting out TV screens and riding motorbikes down first floor hallways? Smashing guitars and stage diving? Blow jobs in the dressing room and masturbating models with Mars bars back at the hotel? Oh I see – you thought I said the ‘rock star lifestyle.’ No, the man’s just been signed to Cut La Roc’s artist representation organisation thingy and has done a mix to celebrate cutting back and forth between more breaks, hip-hop, funk, originals, mash-ups and edits than you can shake a stick at. Well, forty anyway. Listen closely at the end and you’ll get an early heads up of the lead track off RB’s forthcoming Riddim Fruit EP. Listen/ cop the mix below…

DJ Roast Beatz Roc Star Promo Mix summer 2014 by Dj Roast Beatz on Mixcloud

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